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Teen Alice Girls Do Porn Video

April 23rd, 2011 by admin | Comments Off on Teen Alice Girls Do Porn Video | Filed in Sex on Video

alice girlsdoporn

Meet Alice. She is the latest Girls Do Porn model. Alice is a college student that has had alot of fun this past year. She’s done it all. You name it she has done it. Except for making a sex video. Well, we changed this the other day. Alice made her first sex video the other day with us. We paid her a few hundred dollars to have sex with us and she did it with no questions asked. Lmao.

At first we had Alice answer a bunch of questions for us about her sex life and what she has done with herself over the last few years. Then we got straight to business which meant some serious fucking and sucking. Alice, you are welcome to come back to GirlsDoPorn any day you’d like. We’ll gladly give you another facial!

alice girlsdoporn

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Amateur College Sex Video

March 29th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off on Amateur College Sex Video | Filed in Sex on Video

girlsdoporn video

If you think tomboys aren’t sexy think again. We welcome a amateur girls here at girls do porn and this athletic babe in her jeans and hoodie can’t wait to show how well she can suck cock. She was some girl that answered our ad in the newspaper about making a movie! She has some great dick sucking skills for sure!

Kneeling on the bed she doesn’t even bother to strip before she sucks  this guys dick down her throat. Grabbing his ass she pushes his cock into her mouth. Wanting his cock in her wet pussy she strips and climbs on top of him, straddling his dick and riding him as hard as she can. Watch this on girlsdoporn and see her finish the job with her bf grabbing his dick and ejaculating all over her face. It’s epic to say the least!

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Teen Girls Do Porn

March 28th, 2011 by admin | Comments Off on Teen Girls Do Porn | Filed in Sex on Video

girlsdoporn videos

Visit girlsdoporn and watch this brunette beauty have cum shot all over her face. She waits dressed in her jeans, white top and sweater vest for her boyfriend to come into the bedroom and fuck her. They start with her taking his big dick and licking it all over. Grabbing his long shaft and squeezing it she works his dick over with her mouth. He strips her down to just her bra and fucks her furiously from behind. As he gets ready to explode she kneels in front of him and lets him shoot all over her face, just the way she like it. You will love all the hot amateur teen girls that we have at girls do porn. They love having sex for cash!


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